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Woods Facial Plastic Surgery Summer Newsletter

About Face Summer Newsletter

Summer Sun & Fun

Check out the About Face | Woods Facial Plastic Surgery Summer Newsletter with Dr. Woods’ picks for sunscreen, recommendations on the best protection from your sunglasses, and even delicious infused water recipes to enjoy while you stay hydrated.  Skincare and protection from the sun are always important in Arizona with the intense heat and 211 days of sunshine.

Sunscreen Protection

There are a myriad of choices for sunscreen on the market today.  Key factors in selecting a product for you depend on your needs, even age, and activities.  The most important thing to remember, is wear sunscreen daily! All over.  The SPF factor should be a minimum of 25.  There are specialty products for children, for your face, and for sports activities.  Two top picks are suggested in our Summer Newsletter.   One for under makeup to offer strong protection while still providing an attractive finish with makeup, for the ladies.  The other is a top rated sports sunscreen.

Sunglasses and Eye Protection

Read Dr. Woods’ blog for a complete discussion on choosing the best glasses to protect your eyes.  Repeated squinting contributes to wrinkles.  The right sunglasses help reduce this and protect your vision from the strong summer sun.


Truly, drinking a lot of water is so important for our health, but also for our skin.  This is especially important during the summer!  We lose more water through perspiration and all the fun outdoor activities we enjoy.  Why not have fun with our intentional hydration efforts!? Check out the creative and delicious Infused Water recipes  we like from the Food Network.  Are you in the mood for strawberry cucumber? Or perhaps tomato basil?  There are a number of delicious choices that make drinking our daily dose water fun and tasty.

Summer Skincare from ZonaMedSpa

When it is time to take a break, or while the kids are at camp, an appointment with Michele and her talented staff of technicians will rejuvenate your face and spirit.

All of us at About Face | Woods Facial Plastic Surgery hope you are enjoying your summer and taking good care of your face!  Our Summer Survival Kit is a great checklist to keep that face and your skin looking fine!

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    Stephanie Bitanga

    Hello. I’d like to remove the big bags under my eyes to be more beautiful. Please help me.

    • Reply
      Dr. Robert H. Woods

      Hi Stephanie:
      You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Woods to discuss procedures to improve the appearance of your eye area. Please call (480) 314-0100.

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