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Men Choosing Plastic Surgery

We shouldn’t be surprised that men choosing plastic surgery is on the rise.  Just like their female counterparts, more and more men are seeking renewed youthfulness or improved looks through plastic surgery.  The number of men electing plastic surgery has doubled in the past twenty years.  Cosmetic surgery is now more socially acceptable and common thanks to media publicity, television shows, and social media.

Why the Increase in Men Choosing Plastic Surgery?

First and foremost, men care about their appearance and staying youthful, just as women do.  Other societal factors increasingly draw men to choose plastic surgery as well.

Vitality and youth are highly valued in today’s work place in all professions. The career marketplace is very competitive, and studies show that your perceived attractiveness does impact your success in your career (watch for our upcoming blog Your Appearance Affects Your Success). Professional men in their 40’s to 60’s are eager to look younger and keep that competitive edge.  We often see male patients wanting to remove frown lines or eliminate droopy lids or puffy eyes. These can add to a tired appearance or a permanent scowl. A blepharoplasty procedure can take five to ten years off a person’s appearance, and in many cases it improves your vision too. Men also will ask for removal of excess fat from their neck area to create a stronger jawline appearance. And, increasingly, we see men asking for complete face lifts.

Men Choosing Plastic Surgery Want Minimal Down Time

Procedure costs and recovery times both have gone down, and this plays a role in men choosing plastic surgery.  Another priority for many men is the desire for a short recovery time.  They want to quickly resume their regular lifestyle.  I often hear, “how long until I am back on the golf course?”.  A blepharoplasty procedure lets patients shampoo their hair the day after surgery, and sutures come out in about five days.  Many patients face the challenge of working this into a demanding professional schedule or recreational demands.

The Difference Between  Women and Men Choosing Plastic Surgery

There are a few differences between the women and men choosing plastic surgery in the patients I see.  Women often need more discussion and time in their decision making process, while most male patients often have made up their mind before the visit.  The guys want a few facts confirmed or some questions answered, and they quickly move forward with scheduling the surgery.

There also are a few uniquely differentiating factors in addressing surgical circumstances for men vs women.  Men’s skin has beard growth,  which of course isn’t the same for women.  And, the incision placement and potential scar exposure is more a factor for men.  Makeup or longer hair styles as scar camouflage techniques typically are not preferable options for men choosing plastic surgery.

It’s also worth mentioning, that many younger men choosing facial plastic surgery often want to change the shape of their nose, remove extreme acne scaring with laser treatments, or seek reconstructive surgery after sports injuries.

Men Choosing Plastic Surgery Care About Their Appearance

The importance of good looks and youthfulness in competitive career fields, second chance relationships, and a very image and health conscious society are what men choosing plastic surgery mention most frequently as their reasons for electing cosmetic facial procedures.  These are essentially the same desires that most women list.  We all want to feel good about ourselves and feel confident in public settings both at work and at play.  Looking and feeling our best is a universal desire.

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Wrinkles: Genetics vs Habits?

Wrinkles:  Genetics vs Habits & Lifestyle?

Wrinkles: genetics vs habits and lifestyle?  Which is it? Patients often ask, “Why do some of my 50+ year old friends have great, wrinkle free complexions?” Their beautiful complexion may be a result of surgical or non-surgical treatments, or their complexions may look great due to lifestyle, habits and even genetics.

There are basic habits and lifestyle choices that greatly affect our skin and the appearance of wrinkles.  When we ask the question wrinkles:  are they due to genetics or habits and lifestyle?  The answer is, all three.   Genetics, habits and lifestyle each play key roles in the appearance of wrinkles and a person’s skin condition.

Before you write off the ability to look great as you age as available to only the few from the lucky gene pool, you should know that in the “Wrinkles: Genetics vs Habits and Lifestyle” question:  lifestyle and skincare habits are an even greater factor than one’s genes when it comes to keeping skin looking great and wrinkles minimized. Read on and see if you can make some fairly simple lifestyle changes to help prevent and minimize wrinkles.

Your Genetics and Wrinkling

First, we need to understand the genetic factor in aging.  Genetics determine  our ability to generate collagen and elastin (the parts of the skin that give us elasticity and resistance to wrinkles).  Genetics also obviously determine our skin color.

Darker skin tones contain more melanin.  This natural, darker pigment affects our ability to tan, and it helps block the penetration of UV light.  UV light is the natural radiation that causes skin to look crepey, wrinkled and become thin.  The more melanin in our skin, the less likely we are to develop early wrinkles.

While genetics play a role in wrinkling, we should not resign ourselves to a fate of early wrinkles or more wrinkles because of our ancestry.  Start active prevention work now. Everyone can adopt skincare and lifestyle habits that will help prevent wrinkles.

So when we ask Wrinkles:  genetics vs habits and lifestyle?  Take heart. Anyone can adopt these healthy lifestyle habits and avoid the sneaky bad habits that are a factor in wrinkle formation.

Good Lifestyle Habits & Skincare Prevents Wrinkles

Drink Lots of Water

Hydration! Hydration!  Staying hydrating helps skin appear healthier and more youthful.  Beyond that water is very good for our general health.  Drink lots of water, every day, and often!

Hydration for beautiful skin

Use Sunscreen Always

90% of skin aging is due to sun exposure.  Always wear 30+ SPF every day and be sure to re-apply when outdoors, at the pool, beach, or while participating in sports.  Sunscreen minimizes incidental sun exposure.  Have you noticed more wrinkles on the left side of your face vs the right? This is due to the regular sun exposure we have while driving. In addition to applying sunscreen daily, be sure to wear hats, or visors, and sunglasses that protect against UV rays.  This helps reduce habitual squinting and lessens additional exposure to the sun.

Skincare Routine

Develop a good skincare routine. It is never too late or too early to practice good skincare habits.  Make it a nightly practice to gently remove makeup before going to bed. Skipping makeup removal at night increases the aging process by trapping pollutants from both makeup and the environment.  These trapped pollutants affect skin’s collagen and elastin.

Put Down the Donut

Eating junk food high in sugar  packs a double negative punch to our health.  Sugar rich foods can cause weight gain, but did you realize, junk food can help create wrinkles too?  Eating foods with excessive sugar and high-glycemic foods can cause the healthy proteins in the skin to stiffen and malform.  So, go lightly on the white bread, baked goodies and donuts.  Make sure your diet is full of foods high in vitamin C and E and antioxidents.  These foods help protect our skin. Good nutrition results in better skin.

avoid junk food to prevent wrinkles

Frowning and Squinting

Frowning and squinting habitually can be a result of poor vision, unhappiness, or poor sun protection for our eyes.   Habits like furrowing our brow while in thought can create wrinkles.  Facial movements such as squinting, raising our eyebrows, and furrowing our brow contracts those muscles, which make the skin wrinkle.  If we do this repeatedly over time, the muscles get stronger and the wrinkles become deeper and fixed.

Our facial expressions are part of who we are, but a little awareness and mindfulness will help reduce the formation of habit lines.  Be sure to stay current with vision check ups to prevent squinting from poor vision. And, wear protective sunglasses and hats while outdoors in the bright sun.  These steps will reduce some of the squinting and furrowed brows and help to slow those habit wrinkles.

Sleeping Positions

Are you a stomach sleeper?  Side sleeper?  Back sleeper? It makes a difference in the wrinkle prevention campaign. Sleeping on our stomach or on our side can cause wrinkles, much the same way as repeated frowning or squinting. The best sleeping position is on our back,  if we want to avoid increasing wrinkle development.

Lack of Exercise

Exercise makes stronger, healthier bodies.  We all know that.  Exercise helps with wrinkle prevention also.  Too much “relaxing” on the couch can disrupt the circulation needed to keep skin healthy and looking its best.  Exercise for at least 30 minutes, twice a week, as part of a beautiful skin and anti-aging program.  A regular exercise program keeps our complexion looking great, and as a bonus, it helps keep the extra pounds away!  Find a program that works for you and your lifestyle, and start today.

exercise helps prevent wrinkles


It’s no secret that smoking negatively affects our health.  Wrinkles: genetics vs habits and lifestyle? When it comes to smoking this definitely is a habit that will affect skin health and the appearance of wrinkles.  Smoking contributes significantly to wrinkles, poor skin tone and poor skin appearance.  The increased wrinkling caused by numerous negative effects of smoking begins with the repetitive facial movements of smoking (habit wrinkles).  Smoking also restricts blood flow and circulation to the skin.  This reduces the health and vibrancy of  skin.  The most visible affects of smoking on our faces are saggy upper eyelids, baggy lower eyelids, facial wrinkles, a saggy chin, and wrinkling above and below the lips.  The nicotene in cigarettes narrows the blood vessels in skin, which restricts the flow of oxygen and other nutrients that keep our skin looking healthy and its best.  Cigarette smoke contains 4,000 chemicals.  These chemicals damage skin’s elastin and collagen.  The desire for beautiful skin is another very good reason to give up smoking now.

Beautiful Skin

Wrinkles:  genetics vs habits and lifestyle? We may not be able to change our genes, but we can easily begin with habits and a lifestyle that reduce wrinkling, increase skin health, and improve its appearance.

Good skincare habits are easy to incorporate into anyone’s daily routine.  Simple changes practiced regularly will have a big impact over time.

Some of the suggestions might require a bigger commitment or lifestyle change, but ultimately you will feel better, enjoy improved health, and your skin will reflect these healthy changes with fewer wrinkles and improved appearance.

Here’s to healthy living and looking great!

Learn more about the skin treatments we offer at About Face Scottsdale| Woods Facial Plastic Surgery:  laser re-surfacing and surgical options for wrinkle reduction.

Also, check out our valued partner Zona Med Spa with current offers on skincare procedures to rejuvenate and refresh the appearance of your skin.

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Plastic Surgery Planning Tips

Plastic Surgery Planning Tips

There are many important considerations in planning your facial plastic surgery.  The following plastic surgery planning tips will help you decide on the best time of year, timing, preparation and recovery considerations for your surgery plans.

When Is the Best Time of Year for Your Facial Plastic Surgery?

When is the best time of year for your facial plastic surgery procedures: eye lift, brow lift, neck lift, nose re-shaping, or a face lift?  That decision is as personal and unique as each beautiful face.  There is no “one perfect time of year fits all” answer, but there are seasonal trends in face lifts.  Across the United States, plastic surgeries increase in the fall and again after the winter holidays.  For most parts of the country, summer is filled with an outdoor lifestyle and socializing. Things quiet down for a while and then the winter holiday social season begins.  Fall and winter holidays also provide additional time off from work due to holidays. This helps to minimize time away from a job for surgery and recovery.

Arizona Seasonal Trends

Facial plastic surgery seasonal trends are the opposite in Arizona vs the rest of the country, as seen from a Scottsdale based facial plastic surgery practice. Summers in the southwestern U.S. are hot. Many people leave town for the dog days of summer in July and August. For those that decide to stay in town, it is a very quiet time with many people away for the summer.  Those still around stay indoors to avoid the high temperatures.   The mild Arizona winter climate creates a busy winter social season and is the most comfortable time to enjoy Arizona’s active, outdoor lifestyle.

Summer proves to be good time to schedule a facial plastic surgery procedure in the southwest.  After a summer procedure, patients can enjoy quiet time recuperating in the air conditioned indoors without feeling that they are missing much. Specifically, recovery from facial plastic surgery and laser resurfacing requires staying out of the sun and in cooler temperatures for approximately six weeks.  It is typically too hot to be outdoors much in Arizona during the summer, so this creates the perfect time to relax indoors and recover.

Arizona Social Season & Surgery Planning

The prime social season in Arizona is September through March. Winter visitors begin returning, and major events are scheduled in these cooler, yet still pleasant temperatures. They include the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament, the Arabian Horse Show, baseball’s Spring Training, charity events and parties, to list a few. The beautiful outdoor lifestyle of Arizona is in full swing in the fall, winter and early spring. For this reason, many Arizona clients elect to have their facial plastic surgery procedure in the summer.  Patients are healed and rejuvenated by the time the fall and winter social season ramps up.

Concierge Surgery Services

We also see some winter visitors taking advantage of a visit to Arizona to schedule a “concierge” facial plastic surgery procedure. Their procedure is performed safely by a board accredited surgeon specializing in their procedure, in an accredited surgical facility, after which they return to a local resort for their recovery. The Concierge Service provided by their surgical practice provides trained attendants to monitor their recovery and assist with special needs. This service allows patients to undergo their procedure safely and comfortably away from nosy family and friends.  After the appropriate recovery period, they are able to enjoy their getaway and their new appearance.

Are You thinking of Scheduling Facial Plastic Surgery before a Special Occasion?

Many people want to complete their facial plastic surgery procedure in preparation for a special event, such as a reunion, a wedding or other important occasion. They want to look their best and feel confident and enjoy improved self-esteem.  There are important considerations to factor into the timeline for your procedure in order to look your best and feel fully recovered for a specific event.  Most importantly, speak with your surgeon to ensure you have a clear understanding of the following:

  • Ideal preparation time and considerations prior to the surgery
  • The recovery and associated limitations immediately after the surgery
  • The anticipated time for swelling to diminish and scars and wounds to heal
  • The time for your body to recuperate post-surgery

Preparing for Your Surgery

Your health should be at its best prior to your surgery for the best outcomes and recovery.  Consider these steps in preparation for your  procedure.

  • Complete any planned weight loss and dieting before surgery for best results. Weight loss can change the laxity of the skin. It is best to reach your ideal weight prior to facial surgery.
  • Are you a smoker? Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and can impede the skin’s ability to recover optimally. Smoking should be discontinued for two months prior to surgery.
  • Make a healthy diet and lifestyle a priority. Both contribute to healthier skin and improved blood flow…this means improved recovery and results.

Will You Tell or Keep Your Facial Plastic Surgery A Secret?

Patients choose facial plastic surgery to look younger, rejuvenated, and have a balanced, appealing facial appearance.  They want to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.  Will you share openly your plastic surgery?  Some patients are very open, and others wish to keep it private.  Below are tips on deflecting attention away from the primary reason for your new look after surgery:

  • Complete your weight loss and exercise plan prior to surgery
  • Get a new hair style and/or color
  • A change of make up, even slight adjustments or updates, can have an impact
  • Add a new style element to your usual look

Not only will these factors add to the fabulous new appearance you will be enjoying, but they will distract people’s attention from the real reason for your new, rejuvenated look.

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Teen Plastic Surgery Increasing


Teen Plastic Surgery Increasing

Plastic Surgery is on the Rise for Teens

Many teens will return to school after their summer break looking a little different.  More than 224,000 teens will have plastic surgery in 2016. Teen plastic surgery is increasing steadily. Why is this?

What Role Does Social Media Play?

Today’s society is much more aware of plastic surgery and the options it provides, but some say the rise in plastic surgery for teens results from social media and reality TV shows.  Teens spend on average 9 hours a day on media.

Teens live in the age of the selfie, Snapchat and Instagram.  The steady stream of images emphasizes appearance and often affects a teen’s self-esteem. Many media images are edited, filtered and photo-shopped.  A barrage of seemingly “perfect” pictures only adds to a teen’s distorted expectation of what is “normal” or desirable. Connectivity and hyper-exposure through social media increases our society’s fixation on image and body consciousness.

Peer Pressure

Being a teen is tough.

Teen years bring body changes and the ups and downs of emotional development. Hormones are raging right at the time social status becomes increasingly important. Insecurities easily develop and unfriendly peers are especially harsh during these years.  Critical comments are taken to heart, and often take on a distorted importance in the mind of a teen.

Why Teens Seek Plastic Surgery

There are many reasons teens want plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures to enhance, correct or alter their appearance, but primarily, they are seeking to improve their appearance and self-esteem, just the same as adults that seek facial plastic surgery.

Most Common Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures for Teens:

(1) Rhinoplasty (nose re-shaping)

This is the most common cosmetic procedure for teens. Many teens are self-conscious about the size and shape of their nose.

Nose shape can be developmental, genetic, or due to trauma. In addition to the outward appearance, there may be internal deformities causing breathing issues or sinus problems. The nose is not fully developed until age 16-17, which is the soonest one should consider having this procedure done.

(2) Otoplasty (ear pinback)

If the natural folds of the ear do not develop fully, they can protrude abnormally making them more conspicuous.

When these children enter the school system, they can be subject to ridicule which can cause distress and psychological damage. Although the ear is not fully developed until seven years of age, it is best to consider this procedure for your child when they are 5-6 years old to avoid these concerns.

(3) Laser skin resurfacing or dermabrasion

During the teen years this is often used to treat scarring developed from acne. Collagen injections are useful to repair acne scarring as well. Dermatologic treatment to help control the acne is the best treatment.

Important Considerations When Thinking About Plastic Surgery for a Teen

There are important considerations for a teen considering surgery from both the patient’s and the parent’s perspectives.

(1) Am I doing this to fit in or meet other’s expectations, or am I doing this truly for myself?

(2) A teen considering elective surgery must have emotional maturity and family support. It is important they understand that with any surgery there is risk.

(3) It is also important that they completely understand not only the risks involved in surgery, but also the limitations of plastic surgery.


The American Society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASFPRS) Offers Guidelines for Teens Considering Plastic Surgery:

• The teen must initiate the request and have realistic goals and expectations.

• The plastic surgeon should be experienced and board-certified in a specialty recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties, including the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

• The surgery should be done in an accredited surgical facility with the ability to handle rare complications.

• The surgery must be done under a policy of full, informed consent. This means the details of the procedure are understood and agreed to by the patient and the patient’s parent or guardian.

Parents, get expert advice from a facial plastic surgeon with expertise in these surgeries on teens.  And, teen and parents should thoughtfully and openly discuss the options, reasons, risks, and realistic outcomes when considering plastic surgery.

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Healthy Foods

Healthy foods good for your skin

Beauty begins within!  We now know that the foods we eat play a large role in our health and well being, as well as the appearance and health of our skin.  Eating fresh, delicious foods is a great formula for looking your best. Include these foods in your healthy diet…and be sure to check out the benefits of coco powder…

Healthy Food List

They contain lycopene, which is a good free radical scavenger for UV caused skin damage.

They contain a high concentration of carotenoids which deposit in the subcutaneous fat of the skin
and enhance the glow of your skin.

This contains flavonals, the same antioxidant as in dark chocolate, which can decrease the roughness of your
skin and also provides protection against damaging UV rays of the sun.

Contains omega-3 fatty acids which decrease skin redness, irritation, and decreases fine lines and brown spots.

Contains vitamin-C which stimulates collagen production and consequently makes your skin smoother.

They contain iron. Diets poor in iron can leave your skin looking pasty and pale.

Has a large amount of folate which helps maintain and repair DNA which is crucial in preventing skin cancer development.

The key ingredient for the skin is selenium. This helps preserve elastin which keeps skin smooth and tight.
It also fights free radical from sun damage and other sources. Beware the mercury content of some canned tuna.

This contains omega-6 fatty acids which is helpful for dry, itchy, flakey skin. It acts like a skin moisturizer by improving cell wall
integrity and function.

Incorporate some of these foods into your diet and you may see a significant improvement in the condition and appearance of your skin.  Remember to always apply a broad spectrum sunscreen, if you are going to be in the sun. Stay hydrated, use good cleansers, conditioners, and stimulators and your skin will look fantastic.

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youthful foods

7 dietary habits for youthful skin

Beauty always starts from within.  If you watch what you eat, you will find you feel better, and your skin’s appearance will feel more youthful.  If these represent big changes to your current diet, start by taking small steps to create a healthier lifestyle.  

As you begin to look and feel better, it will be easier to incorporate additional changes. You will not only feel better,  but you will look fantastic as well.  Here’s to your health and beauty!

The following seven suggestions will improve your diet and overall health, and you will enhance your appearance.

7 dietary habits for youthful skin

1. Eat whole grains, fresh whole fruits and vegetables for the vitamins and minerals. Include a variety of different colored foods. Decrease the amount of refined starches and sugars (white and brown), sodas and energy drinks. These will elevate blood glucose, blood pressure, weight gain and inflammation.

2. Eat skinless poultry, fish, eggs, legumes, fat free Greek yogurt for the protein, calcium, vitamin D, probiotics and unsaturated fat.

3. Decrease high fat red meats such as prime rib, bacon, sausage, bologna, salami, and hot dogs.

4. Increase monounsaturated fats and omega-3 oils. These can be found in olive oil, avocado, nuts, wild salmon and tuna, and flaxseed.

5. Decrease saturated fats such as butter, whole milk, cheese, high fat red meat and poultry with the skin.

6. Avoid transfats like prepackaged baked goods, flavored coffee creams, peanut butter, chocolate and yogurt coated snacks.

7. Consider vitamin supplements, such as A, C, copper, and zinc as well as turmeric (curcumin), garlic, ginger, peppers and pineapple (bromelain).

These are just a few of the things you can do to help look and feel your best.

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Youthfulness: 7 habits to maintain

Keep in mind, the longest journey begins with one step. Adopting easy everyday habits can help us all age well. Small changes can lead to bigger change and that could start today. Here are seven that can get you started to maintain youthfulness.

7 habits to maintaining youthfulness

1. Keep a positive Attitude. You are what you think. There are convincing studies that consistent positive thought processes on a daily basis can change our physiology for the better. So, think young.

2. Nutrition
is vital. Your are what you eat. A low glycemic diet high in fresh fruits and vegetable, whole grains, and lean protein is the healthiest.

3. Hydration. If food is the fuel, then fluids are the lubrication that keeps everything running smoothly. It helps flush out the toxins and bring in the nutrients. Careful how you hydrate. Coffee and diet sodas may give you a boost, but they can be dehydrating.  Water, water, water is the very best to rehydrate, and it has zero calories.

4. Exercise. Expand your lungs, stretch your muscles, break a sweat, do resistance training, do anything but lay around all day. It gets the blood flowing, increases muscle mass and strength, maintains bone mass, and improves our minds. You don’t have to pound yourself into the ground every day, but try to at least do one positive thing a day in the exercise/stretch department.

5. Engage. Stay social. Laugh. Talk to your friends and family. Do new things. Learn to appreciate the amazing things around you. Literally, stop and smell the roses, check out that beautiful blue sky and the amazing mountains.  And be grateful.  An attitude of gratitude makes everyone more beautiful.

6. Avoid toxins. Protect your skin from the sun. Hats, sunglasses, sun screen, fake tanning solutions, and umbrellas. Careful about what you inhale and what you drink or eat. A little bit here and there is ok. Overindulgence will take its toll.

And finally…

7. Sleep. Don’t cheat yourself with early to rise, late to bed. Get your beauty sleep. Everyone has their particular biorhythm but 7-9 hours is healthy. It allows your brain to process things, your body to heal and re-energize, and resets your hormonal system for the best immune system function. Just like in grade school, naps are good.

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