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Plastic Surgery Planning Tips

Plastic Surgery Planning Tips

There are many important considerations in planning your facial plastic surgery.  The following plastic surgery planning tips will help you decide on the best time of year, timing, preparation and recovery considerations for your surgery plans.

When Is the Best Time of Year for Your Facial Plastic Surgery?

When is the best time of year for your facial plastic surgery procedures: eye lift, brow lift, neck lift, nose re-shaping, or a face lift?  That decision is as personal and unique as each beautiful face.  There is no “one perfect time of year fits all” answer, but there are seasonal trends in face lifts.  Across the United States, plastic surgeries increase in the fall and again after the winter holidays.  For most parts of the country, summer is filled with an outdoor lifestyle and socializing. Things quiet down for a while and then the winter holiday social season begins.  Fall and winter holidays also provide additional time off from work due to holidays. This helps to minimize time away from a job for surgery and recovery.

Arizona Seasonal Trends

Facial plastic surgery seasonal trends are the opposite in Arizona vs the rest of the country, as seen from a Scottsdale based facial plastic surgery practice. Summers in the southwestern U.S. are hot. Many people leave town for the dog days of summer in July and August. For those that decide to stay in town, it is a very quiet time with many people away for the summer.  Those still around stay indoors to avoid the high temperatures.   The mild Arizona winter climate creates a busy winter social season and is the most comfortable time to enjoy Arizona’s active, outdoor lifestyle.

Summer proves to be good time to schedule a facial plastic surgery procedure in the southwest.  After a summer procedure, patients can enjoy quiet time recuperating in the air conditioned indoors without feeling that they are missing much. Specifically, recovery from facial plastic surgery and laser resurfacing requires staying out of the sun and in cooler temperatures for approximately six weeks.  It is typically too hot to be outdoors much in Arizona during the summer, so this creates the perfect time to relax indoors and recover.

Arizona Social Season & Surgery Planning

The prime social season in Arizona is September through March. Winter visitors begin returning, and major events are scheduled in these cooler, yet still pleasant temperatures. They include the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament, the Arabian Horse Show, baseball’s Spring Training, charity events and parties, to list a few. The beautiful outdoor lifestyle of Arizona is in full swing in the fall, winter and early spring. For this reason, many Arizona clients elect to have their facial plastic surgery procedure in the summer.  Patients are healed and rejuvenated by the time the fall and winter social season ramps up.

Concierge Surgery Services

We also see some winter visitors taking advantage of a visit to Arizona to schedule a “concierge” facial plastic surgery procedure. Their procedure is performed safely by a board accredited surgeon specializing in their procedure, in an accredited surgical facility, after which they return to a local resort for their recovery. The Concierge Service provided by their surgical practice provides trained attendants to monitor their recovery and assist with special needs. This service allows patients to undergo their procedure safely and comfortably away from nosy family and friends.  After the appropriate recovery period, they are able to enjoy their getaway and their new appearance.

Are You thinking of Scheduling Facial Plastic Surgery before a Special Occasion?

Many people want to complete their facial plastic surgery procedure in preparation for a special event, such as a reunion, a wedding or other important occasion. They want to look their best and feel confident and enjoy improved self-esteem.  There are important considerations to factor into the timeline for your procedure in order to look your best and feel fully recovered for a specific event.  Most importantly, speak with your surgeon to ensure you have a clear understanding of the following:

  • Ideal preparation time and considerations prior to the surgery
  • The recovery and associated limitations immediately after the surgery
  • The anticipated time for swelling to diminish and scars and wounds to heal
  • The time for your body to recuperate post-surgery

Preparing for Your Surgery

Your health should be at its best prior to your surgery for the best outcomes and recovery.  Consider these steps in preparation for your  procedure.

  • Complete any planned weight loss and dieting before surgery for best results. Weight loss can change the laxity of the skin. It is best to reach your ideal weight prior to facial surgery.
  • Are you a smoker? Smoking reduces blood flow to the skin and can impede the skin’s ability to recover optimally. Smoking should be discontinued for two months prior to surgery.
  • Make a healthy diet and lifestyle a priority. Both contribute to healthier skin and improved blood flow…this means improved recovery and results.

Will You Tell or Keep Your Facial Plastic Surgery A Secret?

Patients choose facial plastic surgery to look younger, rejuvenated, and have a balanced, appealing facial appearance.  They want to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.  Will you share openly your plastic surgery?  Some patients are very open, and others wish to keep it private.  Below are tips on deflecting attention away from the primary reason for your new look after surgery:

  • Complete your weight loss and exercise plan prior to surgery
  • Get a new hair style and/or color
  • A change of make up, even slight adjustments or updates, can have an impact
  • Add a new style element to your usual look

Not only will these factors add to the fabulous new appearance you will be enjoying, but they will distract people’s attention from the real reason for your new, rejuvenated look.

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    Sarah Smith

    My sister wants to get plastic surgery on her nose. Thanks for the advice about the best time to get surgery is fall and winter. Another thing to consider is to get plastic surgery from a professional that you like and get along with.

    • Reply
      Dr. Robert H. Woods

      Hi Sarah:

      We agree! A good relationship with your surgeon is very important.
      Thanks for the input. This is a topic for one of our upcoming blogs.

  2. Reply

    That’s interesting that plastic surgeries increase in the fall and again after the winter holiday. I guess people have time for surgery in the low active of the winter months. I’ve always hated how my nose is a little crooked; I’ll have to look into finding a surgeon.

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