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Youthfulness: 7 habits to maintain

Keep in mind, the longest journey begins with one step. Adopting easy everyday habits can help us all age well. Small changes can lead to bigger change and that could start today. Here are seven that can get you started to maintain youthfulness.

7 habits to maintaining youthfulness

1. Keep a positive Attitude. You are what you think. There are convincing studies that consistent positive thought processes on a daily basis can change our physiology for the better. So, think young.

2. Nutrition
is vital. Your are what you eat. A low glycemic diet high in fresh fruits and vegetable, whole grains, and lean protein is the healthiest.

3. Hydration. If food is the fuel, then fluids are the lubrication that keeps everything running smoothly. It helps flush out the toxins and bring in the nutrients. Careful how you hydrate. Coffee and diet sodas may give you a boost, but they can be dehydrating.  Water, water, water is the very best to rehydrate, and it has zero calories.

4. Exercise. Expand your lungs, stretch your muscles, break a sweat, do resistance training, do anything but lay around all day. It gets the blood flowing, increases muscle mass and strength, maintains bone mass, and improves our minds. You don’t have to pound yourself into the ground every day, but try to at least do one positive thing a day in the exercise/stretch department.

5. Engage. Stay social. Laugh. Talk to your friends and family. Do new things. Learn to appreciate the amazing things around you. Literally, stop and smell the roses, check out that beautiful blue sky and the amazing mountains.  And be grateful.  An attitude of gratitude makes everyone more beautiful.

6. Avoid toxins. Protect your skin from the sun. Hats, sunglasses, sun screen, fake tanning solutions, and umbrellas. Careful about what you inhale and what you drink or eat. A little bit here and there is ok. Overindulgence will take its toll.

And finally…

7. Sleep. Don’t cheat yourself with early to rise, late to bed. Get your beauty sleep. Everyone has their particular biorhythm but 7-9 hours is healthy. It allows your brain to process things, your body to heal and re-energize, and resets your hormonal system for the best immune system function. Just like in grade school, naps are good.

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